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For Europeans, that's ~4.4C

For other Finns, it's just about before Summer, hit the sauna before going in.

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There's no reason for this to cost so much, someone in Taiwan is getting rich off this shit.

They're probably selling off old stock.

There's no way that the exact 13.3" panel is still being made, the manufacturing process has improved too much in 5 years. The fact that the laptop isn't being made anymore, and most Apple users just throw away the broken laptop, means the panels aren't being made anymore for those purposes.

Stock goes low, price goes up.

If someone made a driver board for a more generic panel, I bet the price would drop like a rock.

It's not a standard piece of shit 1366x768 panel, so it would be more expensive already from that, but 1440x900 is still manufactured in decent quantity, I believe.

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Like, the boost circuit for backlight.. it looks the same as the sample circuit in Texas Instruments' LP8550 datasheet. Same for the TPS51125.

Texas Instruments literally has a switch mode power supply design tool, where you plug in your input parameters, and their tools spit out a readymade design for you to use.


Enter Vin, Vout, and Iout, press "Start design", wait, click "Compare all part types", and it has a shitload of different computer-generated designs for you to use.

You don't even need to open the datasheet in order to make the IC work with your product.

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No, we call them "Pysykää omalla puolellanne vitun ryssät tai tulee saatana lyijyä niskaan".

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Couple years back, somewhere around 5am, I was playing around with salt water, a bucket, an upside down soda bottle, electrolysis, and a lighter.

After the explosion, I had decent salt water coverage around my room. I kept finding corrosion in the strangest on places.

I still have some FR-4 panels (fiberglass cloth with copper on top) from when I did that, they're corroded to hell.

Oh and uh, don't play around with hydrogen. It's not fun when you do a dumb.