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Thank you for explaining this. As I said this was in 1998 and I was a teenager, so most, if not all of my information regarding AML has come from my own research in the past few years. I'm so glad that there have been so many advancements since then that will hopefully allow you to live a long and healthy life. It has been of personal concern to me because in addition to my grandpa, all of his brothers are suspected to have died from this same disease. As far as I can tell, its occurrence is about 50/50 genetic and environmental despite being one of the rarest types, <2% of all cancers.

The reason I asked about the number 23 is that was his birthdate. For most of my life we celebrated together as mine is 8 days earlier. For some reason, the number 23 comes up at an alarming frequency for me. I'd like to believe that he is still around and watching over and that his early departure from this world was for good reason. Just one year after his death was the first time they started trials for Gleevec. Initially, I was angry that it came too little, too late, but over time, I've come to hope that he had something to do with it.

I'm so glad that you are doing well. I hope the day comes in my lifetime where cancer is no longer even a thing.

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My grandfather died from AML fifteen years ago. I thought that if it was a lifetime disease it is classified as CML for chronic as opposed to AML for acute?

I've done some research but I have no doubts that you know more than me…on a random chance, has the number 23 come up at all throughout your treatment/disease?