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I think I can put that in a better perspective. That's approximately someone on a 100Mbps plan downloading constantly. No wonder Phil wants to fair use them.

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As a network engineer I plan traffic down to the peak Megabit/second so that I can appropriately size connections. But maybe that's just the way I was trained. :)

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I'm terribly sorry about the recent data sync I had to do with my parents place back in NZ. While I restricted it to 2MB/s, it was still 200GB of data per day I was uploading for about 3 weeks.

It's done now but... is there a way I can let you guys know if I need to move a lot of data next time, or was that usage not even on your radar?

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Hey Phil,

What are your thoughts on the current NBN AVC plans. I'm kinda disappointed in the lack of higher upload plans. If I want more than 20Mbps upload my options are limited to 100/40, 250/25 and 1000/50.

I would really like to see some other options like around 200/40. I'm currently on 100/40 and my HFC service can go to 250/25 and to be honest it's a hard choice to justify.

Is there anything you at AussieBB can do or tired to do to not make it feel like us power users are being left behind by NBNCos focus on consumption behavior resulting in low ratio upload speed in their plans?

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That's good to hear (about your feelings, not so much NBNCo). It strikes me as odd that they even care about traffic usage patterns at all other than a curiosity "We're not selling as much of this class as we'd like, better adjust the lower classes to compensate for the lost revenue."

Surely they know that the kind of businesses that don't know the difference between traffic classes are the not the kinda businesses you can convince that they want a 10/10 CIR at the same price as a "consumer" 100/20 plan (with a CIR of only ~2/2) no matter how you try and spin it to them, and revenue is revenue no matter where it comes from.