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It's hard to prove or disprove, so making you call your parents may have just been them trying to make sure you weren't just making it up as an excuse to leave.

It's actually a pretty terrible way of making sure. Once you get home, you can just be like "Nope, not actually gay."

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No, (some) solicitors go to court all the time. All solicitors have rights of audience in the "lower" courts which deal with the vast majority of civil and criminal cases, and other solicitors choose to become licensed to appear in all courts.

The reason most solicitors don't go to court is that it's a specialist skill, and barristers of the same level of competence and experience are vastly cheaper than solicitors.

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Different, but not higher.

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That would be because Tolkien was an expert on Germanic languages, and was very much inspired by the Sagas.

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Non aboriginals have not actually been in Newfoundland (where the commercial seal hunt occurs) for 500 years!

Competing bald assertions. Provide reliable source.