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nicoparboleda10 karma

Hi Phil,

You've mentioned recently that NBN Co should scrap its current CVC pricing model and go with a single access charge instead. Aside from the economic benefits, do you think the customer experience will improve as well? If yes, how so?

Cheers, and thanks again for this AMA!

nicoparboleda4 karma

Hi Phil, appreciate taking the time to do this. I have a couple of Q's for you:

  • What's your experience so far of being an NBN reseller and dealing with NBN Co in general?
  • There's been quite a few other NBN resellers that haven't fared as well as Aussie Broadband has. Does that concern you at all?
  • A couple of ISPs have also expanded into other businesses like IT services - is that something we could expect with you guys at some point?