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Hey Joe! First off I just want to say thanks for at least taking the time to read these questions. I must say that I’ve been playing guitar for about 12 yrs now and you and Aerosmith have probably been my biggest inspiration and one of the biggest reasons I got serious about my guitar playing and music. So thanks for being a riff machine, seriously I envy the riffs and songs you’ve created over the years

I’d also like to say that I just recently listened to the interview you did with joe rogan and it was really cool to hear that judging by that podcast, as well as yours and Billie’s twitters, it seems like we have similar political views which is really cool. I also really enjoyed the documentary on the New World Order that billie tweeted the other day, I already knew most of the info, but it was still cool to get a refresher on it. NOW finally to the questions…..,

  1. What kind of tubes do you like in your amps?
  2. What kind of amps were you using live around 1978? They had a really distinctive growl to them.
  3. What are some of your favorite led zeppelin songs?
  4. Can you recall what amp and what guitar you used to record Combination? Both the rhythm and lead tracks.
  5. I know you love bbq, do you know of any food places in New Jersey that you go to on tour?
  6. What is your favorite and or most cherished weapon you own?
  7. Do you ever meditate?

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Thanks a lot for answering Joe, I really appreciate it! I Hope all is well. And I know what you mean about the immigrant song. It's so simple(just playing the octave most of the time) but its genius because musicians(speaking for myself) have a tendency to over think things during the creation of a song. And then obviously the way he used all of those alternate tunings is just ridiculous. He seriously is a genius.