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I live in an area that has a huge problem with addiction. There are literally hundreds of people sitting on a main street on any given day, and dozens of overdoses daily.

People in my area seem to be suffering from "addiction fatigue" and are struggling to still have empathy for those suffering from addiction. What do you feel is the best way to deal with "addiction fatigue" amongst other members of a community?

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This is a great response. I have an issue with court sanctioned AA meetings due to the religious aspect. There was actually a lawsuit about this in Canada recently:


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Looking at when Ali returned to the gym in the last quad, and simone this quad - are you at all worried you started your comeback too late the be fully ready for Tokyo?

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Yes somewhat. I'm in Vancouver in Canada, which has a pretty long history of addiction issues.

The problem is that anyone who works in the downtown eastside area (paramedics, police, volunteers) seem to get to a point where they are just so fatigued of seeing the same self-destructive behaviour day in day out.

I've known many people who work in jobs directly with those suffering from addiction, and their empathy just seems to be at an end. It's something I struggle with too and do not know what the best approach is.

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Hey Laurie - your floor routine last Olympics was one of my favourite ever. I forced all my non-gymnastics obsessed family to watch it repeatedly! Is there any piece of music you really want to involve in your 2020 floor routine?