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nickelleon9 karma

Certain features can really make this game more competitive and sociable. Are any of these features on the radar for the relaunch?:

  • Spectator Mode?: streaming is hard in this game because it requires an active player to stream, which is especially difficult on mobile
  • Championship Series?: we need more high-profile tournaments!
  • In-game Custom Tournaments?: an interface in the client to create tournaments, setup rewards, invite players, and moderate the tournament
  • Private Drafts?: my Solforge team would really like to have a private draft tournament, but thats impossible.
  • Chat?: whether its full chat, or a Hearthstone-like chat wheel

nickelleon2 karma

Thanks for doing this! Will Solforge ever rotate sets, or have new format definitions similar to Legacy, Modern and most importantly, Standard? Will Solforge embrace the natural formats of Unlegendary and Unheroic, and provide dedicated tournament queues similar to Constructed?