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nickcsmf830 karma

Hey LD, just wanted to say thanks for doing this and for finally releasing the Pillow Talking video - it was definitely worth the wait!

I'm assuming everyone else will ask about if/when you've got new music coming out, so my question is this: If you were trapped in an empty room with no doors or windows and only a perfect clone of yourself, would you fuck or fight the clone? You're released after an hour and no one will ever know what happened in the room.

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Yeah, I saw this thought experiment somewhere online... essentially the guy's argument was that all options boil down to just Fuck or Fight, since you'd be talking to yourself and not necessarily learning anything.

For the record, I'd fight myself too. So we've got that in common

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Who would win the battle between Jaden Smith and Giant Snake?

I can only assume that this movie will be made eventually, and the anticipation is killing me.