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nicholasflynnpolidor718 karma

Huge Fan man, just curious if you have any beef outside of the show with any other sharks? Sometimes you guys seem to get a little heated, is that just for the sake of the show?

nicholasflynnpolidor10 karma

Alright here i am at the motherlode mine some guy starts flaming me hard. I report him because now i am shattered on the inside. What are the chances he ACTUALLY get's punished?

nicholasflynnpolidor1 karma

Glad the show at the Paradise was one of your favorites. I was there! Love you forever <3

nicholasflynnpolidor1 karma

Brittany, love ya. Has anyone ever mistaken you for the wrong age? I was surprised to find out you were only 27!

nicholasflynnpolidor1 karma

Hi Stefan, i had no idea you were fighting cancer! I send good thoughts. I guess my question would be, are you okay? What kind of treatment are you going through and what kind of cancer are you fighting?