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Can we do Reddit now? I've long suspected that Reddit has at least as much opinion manipulation as FB.

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Who was the guy who decided that, between Exits 9 and 8 on the New Jersey Turnpike, there should be about 17,000 miles?

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I could see the E.U. not allowing it to be called "cheese" because it doesn't actually come from cows or goats. Kind of like how they don't allow a cheese to be called "feta" if it isn't from goats

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That's cool.

Hey, I just want to say, Matt, that I've read through this whole thread and you seem very knowledge about the technical aspects.

I say this because I'm a writer and an English teacher. I get sought all the time by young start up CEO's and would-be CEO's to help them with their English. I'm often surprised by how much they don't grasp the technical side of the product they're trying to launch. I press them on this sometimes. "Tell me about your systems. Talk to me about the database behind it all. How is the website designed?"

And very often, I get answers like "oh, I'm the pitch guy / business guy / marketing guy. I got a geek partner (or, very often, I'm looking for a geek partner) that handles the tech side."

I find myself thinking, "in this competitive start-up world, surely the CEO who knows the tech side well has a leg up."

At least enough knowledge of the tech to fool a layperson like me.