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nfojones19 karma

I really loved the Inauguration set as well and followed your link for a refresher. I was actually surprised to see how many of the last posts say things like this:

Stay prayerful and serve The Lord with all your might with all your heart and soul and he will direct your path.

Please Sir, look up to God only and you will not fail.


Mr. President, be not dismay, for God is with you at ALL times, and He will not fail you. Pay no attention to the satanic critics.

Honourable Mr President Barack Obama and wife Michelle indeed God's seal is upon you and I believe with this seal you will do wonders to unite the world through the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ. My God richly bless you with wisdom to rule. Trust in the Lord with all your heart , never give chance to satan but with the seal of God to pass through the red sea with victory.

however i am confident that if you do the will of God , you can be a powerful tool of GOD ... so my earnest request is dont leave God , always seek Him and may he guide you through this journey that you were destined for.

Belief in god and Christianity aside, this is the #1 thing on these people's minds? That is terrifying. An occasional comment like this is expected but theres so many I want to believe it was a concerted effort as otherwise we're surely doomed.

Back on topic, I've loved TBP since I first stumbled on it. I really appreciate an organization like yours recognizing the value of putting up such nice and high res pictures. It is without a doubt one of, if not the best picture blog on the net. The only other photo blog I love as much is Shorpy. Is it a favorite of yours too?