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What is the input , what is the output ? Explain like i am five, for 1 kg of meat , what is needed ?

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Do you think crowdsourcing and gamification of workflows are the future of work ? What implications do you think this has for the job market as such ? This is especially important because machine learning and AI are beginning to perform more and more human tasks of late and seem to be constantly improving ?

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Hi , do you think there is a way to gamify the creation of subtitles for any internet video based on web standards? I ask you this because this can make any content engaging for a large group of people as well as significantly improve the accessibility of web for many people.

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What suggestions would you give researchers who are trying to incorporate gamification techniques in their own work ?

Any pitfalls to avoid ? Do you think that there has been an overpromise as many "experts" today cite Open collaboration using techniques such as gamification as a panacea to everything ?

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How would you describe your experience using Chris Traeger's style ? At least 3 adjectives.