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I don't know what country you're from, but as an European now living in the US, I'd say that in social policies US is definitely lagging behind. You may earn higher wages here (even after increased expenses), and in some professions, such as software engineering, arguably you can actually become wealthy in the US. However, for most people, I am firmly of the opinion that living the e.g. Western Europe leads to a higher life satisfaction than living in the US. Even high-earning people seem extremely stressed and unhappy here.

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Americans as a whole have a strong opposition to the idea of a government database of citizens, addresses, etc.

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Please tell me you found something shady on the douchebag rehab center (you know which one I'm talking about) from the show

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Obviously they can strike, it's just illegal. Theoretically, if they were abused too badly, they would just have an illegal strike, or perhaps be sick en masse, or go to work and be as inefficient as possible. If they were holding enough power, and hard enough to replace (say, the whole DoD), the agreement to get back to work might be accompanied by some sort of clause that they aren't prosecuted for the illegal strike. It's one of these things that are quite hard to judge how they would go.

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At what point does the risk of getting fired become lesser of the two evils? (The other being working without pay)