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Only a tiny fraction of the Earth's population has, or will ever have, the means to travel anywhere on the globe, let alone out I of their maybe land. Do you think this special privilege has influenced your choice of destinations and how you perceive them? If so, how?

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Yes, half the world's population is too endangered by traveling. A significant portion is too young or too old.

This is also not possible for those billions with family and community obligations - the vast population of the world is subsistence factory or farm workers and their families.

While I have met the occasional African, South American, Indian or East Asians in my travels - by far the world travelers are Europeans. It's a continuing benefit of imperial colonialism. Japanese, Chinese, etc do once in a lifetime group travel.

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Yes about China! When I visited China my humble guide said she had traveled just about all of China, because the trains are comprehensive, fairly comfortable, and very inexpensive.

Taking time away from family and financial obligations is the real cost.