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Is there significant risk that progressively multiplying secondary effects (worker protests, border restrictions, changes in consumer behaviors) will threaten the infrastructure of food production and delivery or other services considered truly essential? The official response in many countries has been to minimize issues, then react as if the steady progression of consequences was unexpected. Is there a reason to believe that official statements about the basic security of food supply and other necessities are not just as much products of public relations as the misleading statements made about the earlier stage of the viral outbreak?

In other words, the governments didn't tell the truth about the likely spread and consequences of covid19 being minimal. Why should we believe their statements about the food supply chain being fine?

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Is the current level of viewership enough to sustain the sc2 professional scene? I see high quality broadcasts like NASL, GSL, IPL daily content pulling in around 5-10k viewers on twitch, with the big "events" getting around 25-50k. When I try to estimate how much revenue that pulls in relative to the costs of producing a league, it's hard for me to figure out how everyone's salary gets paid.

IF the current level of viewership isn't enough to keep everyone afloat, how much growth do we need to sustain the current scene? Twice as many viewers, five times as many, ten times as many?

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Thanks, and by the way, "Endurance" is one of my favorite books also. If there was more of Shackleton's courage and leadership in many of our current leaders, things would have gone very differently I think. Hopefully getting through this won't be quite as grueling as survival on the ice.