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What are the chances of getting laid in North Korea as a tourist?

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I've been involved in the meth world, I've seen 3-4 year olds running around while the entire room was full of smoking meth heads. It's one of my saddest memories, and I'm sad to hear you went through that. Meth really is the devil. Even the most beautiful people can become the ugliest on it. Breaking bad is a show(thought I'd mention it before sum1 else) but the truth is it's such an uglier and sadder world and their is absolutely no glory in it. It's not just a drug, it's a concoction of evil. It's not a drug you can just get off of, because even if you do, it'll still affect you for the rest of your life. Goodjob on staying off that stuff.

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Have you been called any interesting names?