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new_york_nights61 karma

Hi Zanny!

Isn’t it time to abolish the monarchy in the UK? Your Bagehot column last week called the House of Lords “a joke” and called for “more democracy”: surely the monarchy deserves similar criticism?

Admittedly, it doesn’t have as much real power as the Lords, but from a symbolic perspective the idea that our head of state is still a hereditary position seems to contradict the values of a 21st century democracy? Next to liberal, republican systems like the US it just seems embarrassingly medieval.

new_york_nights15 karma

Thanks for your response! A fair point, although the recent black spider letters have demonstrated the potential influence of the royal family on politics. (Also Prince Harry weighing in on national service etc.)

They may not have any legislative power, but it seems that they have more than a purely ceremonial role, and are capable of affecting public and political opinion.

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Hi Zanny!

Should Britain’s foreign policy be aimed at increasing and strengthening Britain’s standing in the world, or should it be resigned to making the best of a reduced role?

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I doubt abolishing the monarchy would have a serious impact on tourism revenues to the UK – it certainly wouldn't be a notable sum of money in the grand scheme of things. London is still a major tourist destination, with or without Buckingham palace.

Either way though, I think resolving a glaring constitutional issue is more important than protecting the bottom lines of a few tour operators and hotel chains.

new_york_nights5 karma

Thanks for your response! For what its worth, I think that Britain's global relevance will be best served by a continually growing economy (within the EU!), as opposed to maintaining the 2% on defence spending. In this modern era, countries like China and India are more interested in big trade partners rather than major military allies.