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As a follow up, what is your feeling about the test from this company that just got emergency FDA approval as a point of care test? I’ve read the manual, and it’s literally simple enough for a diligent volunteer to operate with no prior lab experience, and returns results in ~45 minutes.

If we could put 10 of these in every hospital and a couple in every doctor’s office and urgent care in the US, combined with mandatory reporting of negative tests, how would that change the way we’d fight this virus?

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Do you think you would have been employable in the private sector if not for your business? What about now? I'm guessing there wasn't any compensation award as part of this process, right?

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Regarding this “bizarrely high standard” to get tested, would you say someone who had fever, muscle aches, diarrhea, and chest tightness without shortness of breath should have been tested? A friend of mine has those exact symptoms last week, and Kaiser basically said “your symptoms aren’t severe enough to warrant a test. Call back again if you get worse, otherwise take basic supportive measures as if you had the flu, but stay inside for a week after you get better.”

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You want someone specialized in employment law who's handled discrimination cases on the employee side before.