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Yo I see you around campus sometimes. I knew you were familiar. Go bucks

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Thank you for Lux Aurumque. One of the most BEAUTIFUL pieces I've ever played.

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...you killed my father...

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  1. How will you intubate safely?

  2. What have you heard about the implications of finding the virus in CSF? There was a case study out of China where pts readmitted, 45% of ICU pts had LP which tested positive for Covid19.

  3. Strong work!

  4. Is this a new normal for the next 18 or so months until a viable vaccine is approved? Should we come to terms with the prospect of having a flu season AND a SARS-Covid season indefinitely?

  5. What about antibody therapies which give passive immunity in the meantime? Could those be implemented to buy us time until vaccines are a go?

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Hi Grant, been a big fan for the last couple of years.

Do you have any formal training in science or building? University? You have a day job, right?

Ever get in trouble with some of your experiments?

Thanks for doing this! I'm very impressed by your videos and you have a beautiful family! Cheers!