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Hey FutureFlyDoc,

I'm currently about to start my second year of my MD in Philadelphia. I also taught Kaplan's MCAT course before med school, so if you have any questions about MCATs or applying, don't hesitate to contact me. Let's make that dream of yours a reality!

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NF as in Neurofibromatosis? And Chiari as in the cerebellar malformation? I'm a third year medical student and I just saw my first NF case a few weeks ago!

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Professor Dawkins,

What resources are there available for medical professionals? We don't have the same "purity" in our profession as there is among PhDs, and we have to deal with nonsense as it exists in the general population far, far more frequently. What books/speakers would you recommend for us?

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CML in your twenties? I always thought it was an older demographic disease. Did they have you on imatinib?

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Thanks so much for your campaign, as well as this Reddit AMA. One of the simultaneously encouraging and disheartening things to see is the abundance of professional scientists at the helm of this battle. I say that it's disheartening because as a medical student, I'm a little on the margin of this issue since I don't see too many MDs on the front, despite evolution being required for biology and medicine to fundamentally make sense.

My question to you: are there any resources you've seen for medical students and physicians to become engaged in the fight for better science standards as they pertain to issues such as evolution and climate change?