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We're made of lots of really small parts. One type or "category" of part is connective tissue. There is a lot of something called collagen in connective tissue. Collagen helps make some of your parts sorta bendy but also strong enough to hold it's shape, particularly bone, cartilage, and skin, but also other areas that may be less obvious like your eyes and blood vessels, and even the stuff that holds your organs in place. In EDS, collagen isn't made right, so you tend to be stretchier than normal. You might have stretchy skin, super bendy joints, joints that dislocate easily, and even organs that break easier than normal with trauma. The worst (most dangerous) type is the "vascular" type which can be concerning for an aortic dissection or rupture.

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Despite everyone using them for legal fodder, hasn't it been shown that SCD's are insignificant in reducing the risk of VTE in hospitalized patients?

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My dog has three different responses to "what do you want?" Including nuzzling his bowl at mealtime, walking to the door for outside time, or walking to the refrigerator for a treat (ie carrots). Almost always, when I ask, I know what he will respond based on time of day and what he's due to need, but I try not to cue him. On occasion he'll surprise me and I'll adjust and meet his request. Is he actually ever making a choice or is he just responding to what he perceives as 1 of 3 separate commands?