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I never used to like M.J. as a person or performer. Mainly because of the way the media portrayed him to be with all his weird acts. But after his death, I bought one of his DVDs and watched it start to finish out of curiosity.

It was one of his performances from the late 80's. And now I can say I'm a huge fan of not only his music, but his ability to have people worship him on such a large scale. There's just something about him that was special.

I've never seen so many people being dragged out of a concert because they just lost their shit for being at a M.J. concert. It's truly remarkable the shear amount of people that came to see a concert like that.

Personally, in my own opinion, I don't think I'll ever get to see somebody as GOOD as him ever again in my life time.

It taught me a valuable lesson on the way the media can portray a person after that.

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Saturday surprised me. I'd of thought a lot of people would book to leave for holidays either Friday nights after work or Saturdays.