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Maybe gotta gummy.

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The obstacles were more theoretical, like what if someone didn't continue making the movie or if we something bad happened and we couldn't finish. None of that ever happened and I didn't think it would - but you never know.

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At the end of first grade. I was tired of being Ricky. There's only one person in this world who still calls me Ricky - a friend from way back then. I let him.

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Well, we missed our nine year cycle. We never wanted to just do the films to do them. Have to have a compelling story and reason. That just hasn't happened quite yet. Who knows the future but you gotta think Jesse and Celine are still out there.

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Everyone knew me as Rick, but I switched to Richard because it's easier to say aloud "Richard Linklater" than "Rick Linklater". Richard Linklater flows off the tongue better. Rick would always come off sounding like "Rink Linklater".