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I would like to start of with I am a huge fan! I've been watching/listening to you since you were on TechTV. You were one of the reasons I had joined my college radio station to do a tech news show (didn't work out so well.)

How does it feel to be considered pretty much one of the most recognized names in tech news?

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He was showing children how to count with their fingers.

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You're probably the core reason I took an interest in tech when I was younger. Thank you Leo for being awesome.

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Hey Dac, I know we have never met but I recognize your name from Gamer's Guild. I heard you are cool dude. A bunch of us from Guild are going to the Cheek Swab for you event.

I now realize I need a question to make this valid...uhm, how does it feel to have rick rolled Moot? (Snowman told me this story)

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Snowman graduated last year and is job hunting up in Minnesota last time I talked to him.