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Honest question - how do you get the symptoms under control while being homeless?

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Adult child of [abusive] alcoholic here, checking in to say thank you for what you do.

What is your favorite success story? I can imagine your job sees some tough shit, but do you have a "that's why I still do this" moment?

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This is kinda cool to see on reddit...I come from west Texas. Paternal grandfather and multiple uncles and father worked in a cotton gin out there. Maternal grandparents own/run a 4300 acre horse and cattle ranch.

The drought REALLY hurt a lot of the ranching business for my grandparents--did you guys have to downsize the number of cattle? If not, how did you maintain day-to-day without losing/having to sell off livestock?

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"Can I help you find anything?"

"...I know more than you."

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Isn't alternating plant species good for the soil as well? Different plants use up different nutrients or minerals or something and planting the same thing over and over will leech the soil of those same minerals, leaving you with soil that will no longer grow your favorite plant/flower/whatever if I recall correctly (and I might not)?