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The orange cat that bats its paw at the camera is always the worst part for me.

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Is there an official guide that tells weathermen how far to roll their sleeves up depending on the severity of a storm?

I live in the south and it's common joke in this area that the higher the sleeves the worse the storm.

For a serious question, what caused you to want to get into weather reporting originally?

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How hard was it to keep a straight face during the "I hear the water in Arkansas is very...hard" scene in True Blood? That scene cracks me up every time I see it.

Do you have any plans lined up for after True Blood finishes?

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To be honest I'm sorta surprised by this. I was raised Methodist and my church was fairly liberal as has every other Methodist church I've been in. I grew up in Oklahoma which isn't e xactly known for forward thinking.

Have you considered become a minister for another denomination?