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Can you give some examples of a wolf reading your emotion and deceiving you to get what it wants?

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We dont need them for food???

No we don't. You won't die if you stop eating animals. Hence you don't need them for food. You just like the taste of them. Big difference.

We as omnivorous animals can eat both plants and animals

"Omnivorous" mean you can eat plants and animals. It doesn't mean you need to eat animals to survive.

I have never seen the problem with eating animals when they themself hunt other animals and eat them

Animals are not capable of moral reasoning. There's a reason humans don't look to animals for guidance on what's moral and what's not. Animals also commit rapes and infanticides. That doesn't make it ok for humans to rape and kill just because "animals do it too."

They been living things is not a argument because carrots and most vegetables are living things and we eat them all the time.

The argument for not eating animals isn't that they are living but that they are sentient and can feel pain. There's no comparison between a carrot and an animal. Do you think chopping off a carrot's top is the same as chopping off a dog's leg?

What are we suppost to eat?

Grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, tubers, mushrooms, fruits, seaweeds. Foods that humans have been eating all along.

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Japan placed a large number of their WW2 war criminals in a national shrine. Many Japanese politicians including several Prime Ministers have visited this shrine.

This would be the equivalence of Germany commemorating Hitler in a national monument and then have their Chancellors paying their respects to Hitler by visiting this monument.

Needless to say this has caused a lot of frictions with Japan's neighbors.

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