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I live in a district in NC that slithers and snakes and waters down my vote. There are more Democrats voted for than Republicans, but you will never see them in office.

When we managed to vote in a progressive judge the Republicans focused on adding seats to the court and appointing conservatives to nullify the impact of the vote.

When we overcame their blockades and voted in a Democratic governor they went to work right away to strip his powers.

I feel as if I'm living in apartheid South Africa where a minority of citizens are terrorizing the majority. What happens when more of us move to populated states, and ridiculously underpopulated stated she beable to hold millions and millions hostage while overriding us. In this case the Constitution has FAILED us as the founders did not foresee caps on the House, or 3 states with 500,000 people negating the goals of 60 million.

I am frightened as I watch Republucan get away with more and more outrageous and in cases illicit behavior, cementing their power in and suffering no consequences.

If our votes are suppressed, what recourse do we haven't?

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My gallbladder emergency room, no surgery visit cost me 5k out of pocket. 25k total.

My father in law in Japan spent 3 weeks in the top heart hospital , had heart surgery, paid 200$

I don't get it.

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It's always been this violent, that hasn't changed. What changed is having 24 hour infotainment news and the internet.

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Others argue, that the conclusion is the same. Seems there are folks who are keen on "debunking" psychological or social science because the outcomes don't fit with their view .


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Maybe we were conned during the revolution. Think about it - rich dudes didn't want to be taxed, throw tea into harbor, declare war.

If we'd lost, we'd at least have health care.