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We have different tools for different jobs. Obviously, a thorough vacuum is the first step. If stains are prevalent, shampooing the carpet with carpet cleaner and an extractor (think rug doctor) would do the trick. Pet hair can be tough, especially with the wrong type of carpet (short, dense pile), because the hair gets really stuck. A simple, but effective way to get pet hair out is rubber gloves while vacuuming. Just rub the hair in one direction toward the vacuum and it comes right up. Another tool detailers have is called a Tornador. It uses compressed air to clean and they are awesome.

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Do you feel like the stress of losing your mother (I'm sorry for that) triggered your Alopecia? Is it permanent?

Did it take long to get used to the feeling/sensation of no hair?

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Good question. Paint correction is the process of getting it back to how it was when it came from the factory, within reason. I say within reason, because we're not magicians, and some scratches, chips, etc. just aren't able to be fixed as a detailer, within the customers time and budget constraints. This means thorough cleaning and decontaminating, scratch removal, paint touch up, if necessary, polish (to remove minor swirl marks or haziness). After that, you want to protect it with wax (boo), sealant (yes) or ceramic coating (Yeah!)

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Ones that will display their work on IG, FB, their website or elsewhere. Next, reviews as a whole. If they have a bad review here or there, ask them about them. If they are straight up with you and honest about it, that's good. Ask them lots of questions and see if they take the time to respond or blow you off. Are they respectful of your time, etc.

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I've tried one and didn't like the results. I kind of figured out the rubber glove thing by accident.