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Reddit or 4Chan called the pawn stars shop repeatedly and asked for battletoads. They got annoyed. It was slightly amusing

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Study your history. As bad as this is (and it's baaaaaad) the church has weathered and survived way worse

The church has people by the shorthairs because it's so deeply ingrained in culture and identity. Not to turn this into a political discussion, but look at the mental parcour political zealots go to to justify awful shit... then realize that religion is the same thing with centuries of tradition backing up that mindset and the belief that they have the market cornered on truth

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I live in PA. Can confirm that there are some hosebeasts that live here

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What's the manscape regimen of a stripper like?

I'm a cyclist that shaves his legs during the season and it's a pain in the ass (pun not intended... really) I couldn't imagine having to shave my chest, back (ugh) and all the other nooks and crannies. Would you spend hours in the bathroom, or did you go to a salon?

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He's not going to say and potentially out this person. I don't blame him