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Gold Star for effort.

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It's a fantastic hobby and I'd recommend anybody with enough time and patience to get into it, but it's an expensive one. Here in the UK to get a hive (base, brood box, one honey super, stand), the frames, the wax for the frames, your kit (suit, hive tools, smoker, any other tools) and then the bees, you're looking at about £600. And that's not even including books to learn enough to take on a hive, any courses you do etc.

To make any of that money back in the form of honey and other hive products, it's going to be at least a year or so before you get a decent enough honey harvest, then you've got to purchase jars and properly label them in order to sell the honey to members of the public. It's a large investment upfront.

But if you're willing to make that investment up front, it's the most rewarding thing you'll do.

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You had me there for like a second, till I went to my brother "this guy knows something about bees that produce milk..."

And he went, "Jesus Abi, BOOBIES!"

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Because it costs us money to do so.

Swarms, I'll remove for free, if I'm cutting open your house/using my knowledge to remove them, I'll have to charge to remove your bees. It's kinda like asking builders why they charge to build houses, or why landlords charge for people to live in them. It takes time, effort, money, professional knowledge and a bit of stupidity to want to constantly work with near 50,000 stinging insects.

Once I've removed them, I need to put them in a hive, I need to mow the field they're now living in and pay the rent on it, I need to put frames in those hives for them to thrive on and because it's my full time job, I also need to feed myself. As soon as the major supermarkets start accepting bees as a method of payment, I'll start doing the work for free.

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When the human race most deserves it, I will withhold the bees.