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How are you both feeling/doing? I wish you so much luck with your IVF journey.

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Thanks for doing this AMA! I work in the medical examiner field. It’s interesting to see how everyone does it differently. We currently don’t do body transport whatsoever. Once we release a body from a scene, the on-call funeral home will come remove them (we have two funeral homes that alternate) and often we examine the decedent more at the funeral home. I think it would save our funeral home partners a lot of time to use a third party. My favorite question that people ask me is, what’s the worst smell? Decomps are an obvious choice of course (I’ll never get used to the smell), but I also had a necrotic bowel jump out at me during an autopsy and I almost lost my lunch. And I pride myself on having a stomach made of steel. I shampooed my nostrils that night.

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OP, please check it out! It’s fantastic. I was in Hospice before I transitioned to the other side in the medical examiner field and I love the death positive movement.