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You spoke at a local university recently and I couldn't get tickets (darn).

How do you feel about able-bodied people in most of the (very rare) roles for people who have disabilities? Do you have any thoughts about the fact that most roles for those with disabilities are acquired disabilities rather than ones you are born with?

What can we, as an audience, do to change? It feels like the producers want to please the audience, but we also have so few chances to prove that we can love and accept actors who have disabilities.

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  1. How much of the past month have you spent just watching the kickstarter page update with more and more support?

  2. At what point did you start to panic and realize that this was going to be serious work to organize sending out hundreds of thousands of boxes?

  3. Any regrets yet?

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Not an EMT, but on top of eating (well) and sleeping, I also suggest exercise. At least 20 minutes of cardio will cause your body to go into a recovery phase after you stop running. The recovery phase flushes out the stress hormones, puts your body to work to heal, and even changes your neurochemistry (for the better). In the past, we had to run away or fight our stress. Now, we sit in front of a computer and talk to it, but it means the stress is in our heads and our natural ways of healing from prolonged stress aren't triggered as easily. Cardio saved me when I was going through a tough time. It will also help with your appetite, blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, sleep, and all the other things that will help support you through the stress.