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Are you familiar with the teachings of other prophets/teachers of other religions/schools of thought (not sure how to phrase) and if you are, what do you admire most about them? In no way am I asking you to validate their legitimacy, merely as an intellectual exercise.

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Where does this feeling of 'man' or 'woman' come from? Is there an intrinsic feeling of 'male', supported by biology or does it come from what they see in society/the media? Is this seen in societies where there are non-traditional gender roles?

Is it just what they see they emulate or is there a deeper mechanism at play?

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With all due respect, it's hard to not consider you having an agenda when you don't answer direct questions. I believe they asked at what age groups it is appropriate to give these medicines to, not whether they are safe at all.

You are at risk of sounding more like a politician than a scientist/healthcare professional...