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Has there ever been a time a package was so unnaturally heavy for it's size that you wondered what was in It?

And have you ever encountered a parcel that was so poorly packaged, you actually handled it like your firstborn child?

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Well if it's any consolation, in all my years buying from Amazon, I've never ordered Dog Food. And with this knowledge (probably also being applicable to ANY delivery service like FedEx, UPS, USPS, ETC...) I'll be extra sure to..... Not.... Ever

I can imagine you would get some weird packages being specifically Amazon, seeing as Amazon also has their entire grocery service. I'm sure you've delivered alot of Pizza Rolls 🍕 and Hot Pockets 👌

Personally the only Liquids I've ever ordered was a large amount of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Otherwise I thought it was made clear that most liquids were prohibited for mailing transit, at least via commercial like UPS.

My last question is about Amazon's Packaging Tape Especially during the holiday season, they had their themed Christmas tape and all. I order alot of things and usually keep most boxes for repurposing, so I find myself removing Amazon Tape alot, and it was my first time encountering tape that had Strings or Fibers in it to increase it's strength

Do 100% of your parcels have this tape? Or do some (probably returns) have regular tape, and if so; do you recognize any significant stability in the boxes that have this reinforced tape?

God, I sound like an Email requesting feedback from a buyer

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You really have to look through the eyes of the employees and put urself in their shoes. Their one goal is to construct YOUR order, and to prepare what drinks you have while they're waiting for the grills (or microwave ;) will always be an efficient move in their minds. I don't know how long your drink would be sitting at the counter for, but it can't be for so long that it melts and becomes diluted. And you might as well read other comments pertaining to the quality of McDonald's ice in the first place, anyway

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Yes, I did notice. It comes off the box easier than a Nature Valley Granola Bar falls apart

The string offers only support in the tape itself.

When I return packages I often use a Professional Theater Grade Black Gaffer Tape, which may require whoever opens it to use a machete, but at least it stays intact in transit

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That's disgusting...


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