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The most recent issue of WWE Magazine had a section where various wrestlers talked about their experiences with the Undertaker (similar comments from other wrestlers can be found here). Based on what they've said, he seems to have a reputation as both "an incredibly intimidating person you don't want to piss off" and "the best wrestling teacher you could ask for". What has your experience/history with 'Taker (outside of the ring) been like?

Also, do you remember Undertaker's reaction after your famous Hell in a Cell match?

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I understand that you're a friend and former roommate of Jon Stewart. Do you think shows like the Daily Show and Colbert Report have had a significant impact on politics? If so, is it a positive or negative impact?

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How would you feel if one of your kids wanted to pursue a career in pro wrestling?

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I'm working on compiling a list of wrestlers and the moves they innovated. You're credited with innovating the Cactus Clothesline. Can you confirm this? If so, how did you come up with that move?

On that note, your Mandible Claw hold came from the infamous Sam Sheppard, and Wikipedia has this:

Later, Sheppard was briefly a professional wrestler, going by the ring name The Killer, and teaming with partner George Strickland in matches across the United States. In Mick Foley's book, Foley recounts Jim Cornette's telling him about Sheppard inventing the mandible claw, a submission hold Foley later made famous.

Could you elaborate on learning about the move? Also, I heard that Vince was skeptical of the move, saying something to the effect of "couldn't the other guy just bite down?" Did that actually happen?

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The 2004 match, for those interested.

Couldn't find any footage of the 1991 match. Found this though:

A press conference with DSE boss Nobuyuki Sakakibara was held outdoors with two tables holding the three belts that comprise All Japan's Triple Crown championship. Kawada appeared in his usual expensive suit, Sakakibara appeared in same attire, and Foley appeared in his normal red plaid shirt with a black "MONSTER" t-shirt underneath. Foley came to the press conference with a barbed wire bat, as the other Japanese in attendance sat seriously. Foley discussed his last singles encounter with Kawada in Japan, which was in 1991 in an All Japan ring for the "Champion Carnival league." Foley said that this would be a revenge match and that he was not the "green boy" that he was in 1991 in AJ. "Green Boy" is a commonly known term in the wrestling community in Japan if you say it in English. Foley pointed towards AJ's newest "green boy," Taichi Ishikari. Foley went to whack Ishikari with his barbed wire bat.

Here's some other Foley matches from Japan because why not:

Andre the Giant & Mighty Inoue vs Cactus Jack & Texas Terminator Hoss (1991) (You can see the whole card here.)

Cactus Jack Vs Terry Funk Deathmatch (synced with commentary from the audiobook of Foley's Have a Nice Day).

Cactus Jack vs motherfuckin' Kenta Kobashi

Cactus Jack vs Jumbo Tsuruta