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I video that got brought up recently was when a friend of mine Regas Woods was running a 200m and snapped his blade in the middle of the race. He got back up and hopped 150m on one leg to finish the race while the others waited and cheered him home.

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It is sad to see but I fully understand the concerns of locals. For me, the IOC AND IPC have deemed it safe to proceed with the games and I know our NGB is taking all the necessary steps to keep everyone involved safe.

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I love the control you have. There is no coach that can bench you and no metrics other than time that decide your progress/success. There is something so pure about running and that's what I love about the sport.

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Currently you'll see a lot of familiar skills I've competed before, but my new floor routine is completely different! Still very sassy though :)

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We got to keep the leos! They are currently in a safe with my medals. (I think LOL)