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People have the right to say what they want to say and "fact checking" is itself a moving target. It was a fact at one point in history that earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around us. Anyone that said contrary was a heretic. The important thing is to teach critical thinking and media literacy.

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It's highly unlikely that the Mayor of LA can single-handedly solve homelessness. The city of LA represents just 40% of the county of Los Angeles, which is governed by over 80 municipalities and the board of supervisors. The issues that relate to homelessness are controlled by the state legislature. So the best they can do is to bring others together, but that will take a herculean effort. My fear is what we are seeing is the new normal.

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They're two different issues. Crime was rampant in the late 80s and early 90s. There were weekends we posted more deaths than the civil war in Lebanon. There was open warfare between rival gangs, and the crack cocaine epidemic was at its height.

Homelessness has never been worse. You're living through the worst homeless crisis which is why it's the primary issue in the race for mayor of Los Angeles.

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Clam chowder. You?

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Prior to the repeal, the public had only a certain number of sources from which they could get their information. The Fairness Doctrine was designed to ensure all opinions were heard. We now live in a world where the media has been democratized. There are so many different sources of information. The Fairness Doctrine would only apply to broadcasters and would be of little use. The problem is that media, which is a derivation of the word mediate, is no longer able to focus attention on that which is fundamentally true. We never gave any time, for example, to people who thought the world was flat. But now because of the internet there are now millions who are able to share misinformation that we thought we had escaped from years ago. It's a remarkable and unsettling turn of events.