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GH: We sent him a script once for April fools day where we basically just took a spec script that somebody sent us, and just took out Danny's storyline and put in a different storyline where he ends up going to jail.

First thing that happens is he goes to jail and gets raped. Then he joins the white supremacists to protect him, and they do at first and then they rape him. Then he goes to the prison guards and asks for help, and they rape him. And we sent him the script for April Fools Day and made it look all legit. And that was the first time he called us and was like, "I can't do this guys."

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GH: Well first you remove the skin, because you can't wear another person's skin without removing it first. And then you have to scrape the inner parts off. The teeth you have to boil, because it's not sanitary. The eyes are...slippery, and you have to be careful because if you drop them thats no good. Once the skin is on, the hardest part is making sure it's tight enough so that it looks like your real face. And then, um, you're pretty much done as long as you've dealt with the smell.

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PO: There's darker humor, yes.

GH: It gets darker as it goes along, definitely. But that's a very racist question.

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GH: I was awesome.

PO: Glenn used to beat me up.

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No. There are far too many leather shops in Arizona. You'll be out of business in a week's time.