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nazzloon134 karma

Hi, Bret! Would love to know a bit more about your upcoming book, I know you touched upon it briefly but a little more information would be cool.

Also, I remember a while back you were Tweeting about story ideas; Sean Bateman in LA, Patrick being Patrick. Have you thought any more about revisiting these characters?

I've been a huge fan for years and own multiple copies of all your books (hardback and paperback) and just want to say thank you so much for all the stories. You're my favourite writer and can't wait for you to release some more. Cheers!

nazzloon2 karma

Thank you for the reply! Listening to your podcast, I did think it would be great to have some of your thoughts written down in a new book. Aside from being a big fan of your fiction, I always find you interesting whatever the subject. I can't wait to read it!