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What is the most common type of paper that is being requested? (History, Arts, etc.) Does it seem to come from more physical schools, or online?

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So... I'm a "Creastor" at my parent's church. (I live out of town.) How do you suggest dealing with the stares of disgust from the locals when I sit in "their" spot?

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Two questions:

First: Do you get frustrated when people call them windmills?

Secondly: What are your thoughts on those that dislike them for "medical reasons?" There was a lot of controversy about the "low-pitched noises" and flickering lights that caused people to have headaches. (Personally I have never heard this and the light issues seem to be blown out of proportion, no pun intended.)

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Except for Siddig and Visitor...

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I keep getting calls from "Business support" trying to get me to lower my credit card bills, or Rachel from Card Member Services calls constantly.

What do you suggest doing to prevent these calls? Waiting for someone to pick up and getting angry with them doesn't seem to make it stop.