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Barry this is your soon to be ex-wife speaking. Having lived with you for 14 plus years, the vast majority of them blissfully happy, I honestly want to know how you keep up such a positive attitude? I know for a fact that the positivity is not a front- your ability to let go of shit and move on, as well as your passion for artists, is truly awe-inspiring. Where does the wellspring of positivity come from? Your balls? (I'm kidding) but really do you think that is just your nature or how you were raised or something you came to understand because of specific life experiences? I have logged more hours than any human on self-improvement and still fight negativity daily... How do you stay positive in the face of all obstacles?

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Hahaha. Thank you. Maybe we should always talk like this? Through Reddit? You're a great father too and I want your audience to know that...

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Hi Jon. Aisha is a friend of mine from comedy way back and Leo Allen once tried to kiss me behind a dumpster but he might not remember it ;-) my question is do you date tall?

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How inclined are you to believe intuitive people, who sense things that seem outlandish, until they are proven by science? (An example is the existence of energy.)