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The titles implying good things is exactly what they hope you'll notice, and that you will stop reading there. Call it something nice like "Save the Children Act" and few would be willing to argue against it even if the contents were horrific.

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It was also a hard earned right won by the founding fathers. Do you happen to discount their ideas and efforts due to them not being an "oppressed" intersectional identity theory group?

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open bobs

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Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, they always do this. Doesn't matter what is in it, as long as the media can crucify an opposing politician for doing anything to it.

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I know the downvote train will take me down for this, but in my personal experience the "toxic masculinity" bullshit is exactly what drove me to a suicide attempt. The constant media barrage of "all men are evil by nature and must be fixed to be women" was too much. Couple it with the insistence of so-called progressive institutions demanding that every biological truth is somehow a social construct and it led me to believe that I would never fit in with this society.

Thank God I survived and learned that the vocal minority can be ignored.