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Also: why would they care? I think they are quite aware already that their player is used to play a porn movie or two.

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Thanks for the amazing book! Only about halfway through, so apologies if this is addressed in there already.

How likely do you think that, despite all the caveats and unknowns you describe in the book, a private company will say “screw it” and send a team to try and build a Mars settlement anyway in, say, the next 20 years? Which would almost inevitably fail, due to the many, many reasons you put forth. Not unlike a similar scenario with a billionaire unilaterally geoengineering the atmsphere.

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Olympic village != press hotels.

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Please open something in Europe. We don't have any half decent rental house that can ship nationwide (here in France, pretty big market). I have to drive 250+km one way if I want to rent anything.

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Sounds like the exact opposite of NPS.