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Big fan, of course. I have a couple of questions.

  • Were the Facebook notification sounds in season 4 intentional? If they were, that is an incredibly evil, yet masterful joke.
  • Would you consider a 5th season in the same format as the 4th, or would you follow the fans calls to have all actors together, however difficult that would be?
  • Movie or Season? If you could choose one to end Arrested Development, regardless of time and money limitations, what would you pick?

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As Office for iPad requires a 365 subscription, which is out of the price range of many users such as I, you don't seem to be competing with iWork, rather giving enterprise customers and schools who require Office a way to use it on iPad. Do you have any plans to create a price plan to compete with iWork, or at least a subscription free version? That is the only way I can see myself ever using your apps that clearly have the potential to be fantastic.

Also, how comes I can't move text boxes in OneNote for iPad?

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Is that…. is that Comic Sans?

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Hi there Glenn, thanks for doing this, I have much respect for what you are trying to do, even if, as you may remember, I have had doubts in the past.

The Magazine's very recent growth and diversification seems to have been focussed greatly on the web, rather than the original app and magazine. Do you feel as if you are outgrowing The Magazine's original aims - is the app soon going to become second to another medium, such as Medium? Do you have any future plans for content exclusively within the iOS ecosystem? I'm so curious to see where you're going with this!

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Was it intentional though?