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Just heard Bill Burr on Rogan's podcast talking about how it's better to own your own podcast and have 20k subscribers than have 20 million but it's owned by some other company.

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I love these practical questions.

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It's a weird time when we are both bothered by crappy inhumane warehouse jobs, but also fearful of robots taking those same jobs over.

Edit: I get there are reasons. Just a weird time is all I'm sayin.

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Yeah, as someone with AS, it is difficult to actually do anything other than to be supportive and say "that sucks" when you can. Planning activities can be a good thing... Any kind of movement and exercise helps me a lot. The funny thing is that you might think that movement and exercise or painful for people with AS, but at least in my case, any sort of activity actually helps. It's the sitting still that causes stiffness and pain.

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As someone with AS (luckily more mild than others, usually a 4-6 pain scale), sometimes I am standing somewhere and just have the desire to lay down and stretch my neck. Relief is the same kind of feeling as a good stretch, but maybe a bit more pronounced because it is fighting against that pain and tightness.

For me, it feels like two fists in my shoulders just constantly balled up. I often fantasize about the feeling of those fists just letting go and feeling a complete relief. It never entirely goes away, but exercise, stretching and laying in certain positions definitely helps.