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You forgot Patrick Stewart.

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Some of those movie/episode descriptions include SPOILERS and I question the writing choices of the people writing them. Is there a way I can flag a description for spoilers or otherwise indicate that I think someone should re-write it without them?

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I can't help but notice you did not use an exclamation mark here. :)

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That writing instructor was just toeing the line, so to speak, or teaching a specific style of writing (literary fiction, academic non-fiction, technical writing, freshman essay writing in a shitty school) that feels hate for enthusiasm on paper. Voice, style, purpose, audience... all those things go into the decision of whether or not to use exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for sharing this. I'm also a massive smashing pumpkins fan, but I have no illusions about Billy's ego. There's a reason Billy the Egomaniac webcomic was such a hit with the fans. (In other news, I wish all of the comics could be recovered!!)