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Mr. Dante! I feel like The 'Burbs is extremely underrated...that film is incredible. What was it like working with Tom Hanks? Do you have any memorable stories or anecdotes from filming that movie in general?

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Strange Days

I CTRL+F'd for this film hoping there'd be a question and answer...I'm bummed that there are like three of us who saw this film. It's SO good. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, co-written by James Cameron, AMAZING cast all around, and a pioneering camera technology? Such an excellent film. I really do wish more people would see it and start discussing it.

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I'm not OP but I deal with drug testing issues on a federal level (for DOT Part 40 and FRA's 49 CFR Part 219) and I've received FRA-led training on both multiple times so I'm not just a regular commenter throwing out nothings (for context.)

The major danger I see regularly is when it comes to drug testing. One of the major problems with mislabeling is that the label will say 0% THC and that may be completely false. So you can use the CBD thinking you're all good and then boom - fail a drug test. And it won't matter that you never smoked or touched marijuana itself - a failed drug test is a failed drug test. And with federal testing in particular, unless you have a Marinol or Epidiolex prescription, nothing else matters. You're done.

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Hey Rob! Love everything you’ve done, from your work with NIN and HTDA to High Level to Population Paste.

Two questions:

1) You’re a phenomenal writer and I miss your blogs. Any chance of Demon Baby ever making a comeback, even as just occasional one-offs?

2) What led to you leaving NIN and LA? It all seemed abrupt from the fan side but obviously we know nothing.

Looking forward to checking High Level out now that the whole first volume is in one compendium!

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Go! My wife and I went last year. It's more amazing than you can imagine. And it was so different in every part. Plateaus. Hills. Mountains. Forests. Desert like areas. Waterfalls. The geysers and springs. You can easily spend a week there and not see it all, it's so big.