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Each spacecraft has its own spacesuit. They are more comfortable than past suits, and advancement in material technologies allow us to do things like use touch screens. Both new suits also are designed to make it easier to see inside the spacecraft. -Suni

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The DART spacecraft will change the speed of Didymos B by a bit less than a millimeter per second. So, my question in return is how much warning time we have. If we had decades to a century of warning time, and could build as big an impactor as we want, we could move something a kilometer or two in diameter. if one of those made it through, we think it would cause civilizational collapse. With less warning time, we might need to use a nuclear device to deflect large asteroids. This is part of the impetus to find potential impactors early!


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But seriously, safety is the most important but a close second is reliability.

- Hopper

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We're looking for spaceflight to look a lot like flying a commercial airplane. It's safe and reliable, and provides transportation to space instead of another city - Chris

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For me, the revolution in the avionics is incredible. The displays are so much more capable and the vehicle inside is much cleaner with less switched and circuit breakers than what we had to deal with in the space shuttle. - Doug